PSC Application for Re-Certification

The Following Must be Provided as Attachments:

Attachments 6 and 10-13, as well as the signature page, are available in the PDF Application above.

* When submitting application, please identify attachments in the order below and as indicated. For instance, attachment 5 would be labeled "5_Operational Review."

#1 PSC Signature Page

#2 Copies of MOU(s) among the PSC team members’ offices or organizations which have been signed

#3 Amended Policies and Procedures

#4 Amended Handbook

#5 Operational Review(s), if applicable

#6 Current Budget

#7 Grant information, if applicable

#8 Amended/Updated training logs for all team members, including Judge

#9 All current forms utilized by the Problem-Solving Courts, including the updated Confidentiality form, Consent to Participate form, and a Discharge Plan

#10 Completed Sample Probation Case Management Plan and Sample Clinical Treatment Plan

#11 Types of Discharge forms completed

#12 Treatment & Probation Evidence-Based Practices

#13 Ineligible Participants Table

#14 Program Self-Assessment

#15 PSC Team Member Roster